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Laser Liposuction-SmartLipo™, SlimLipo™, CoolLipo™- Know the Facts

picture1.jpgLiposuction is the most common plastic surgery procedure done in the United States.

Palomar™ Medical has just introduced SLIMLIPO™ a new laser liposuction technology which will revolutionize the way liposuction is done. The word SLIM™ stands for Selective Laser Induced Melting and what is new is the laser wavelength-924 and 924/975 nm- which selectively melts fat-3 times more than SmartLipo™and 5 times more than the 1320nm laser used in the CoolLipo™ device.

In some patients with smaller fat deposits we can melt the fat with the tiny SLIMLIPO™ laser fiber and use minimal suction to remove the dissolved fat. This means less bruising, less trauma, and quick recovery.The new laser liposuction is ideal for laser body sculpting and laser liposculpture.

New laser liposuction technology is revolutionizing the way liposuction is done.

before and after pictures of slimlipo laser liposuction of abdomen for tummy tuckbefore and after laser liposuction for tummy tuck of abdomen

Benefits of the new laser liposuction technique are:
The laser selectively dissolves fat unlike standard liposuction which can destroy all tissues.
The laser closes blood vessels=less bleeding, less bruising
The laser tightens skin=less loose skin after liposuction
Laser liposuction is less traumatic=quicker recovery
The laser fiber is tiny= smaller scars
Smaller areas done under local anesthesia

See Results of SlimLipo Tummy Tuck Below


Diagram of how SlimLipo works on fat cells below:



All laser liposuction machines are not equal.
You need to understand the importance of the laser wavelength used to melt fat. Most laser liposuction machines on the market today use a 1064nm or 1320nm laser wavelength. Actually the best wavelength which is most highly absorbed by fat is 920nm, a wavelength patented and owned by Palomar™ Medical in Burlington, Massachusetts.

Palomar has introduced the SLIMLIPO™ Aspire™ Liposuction Unit which is the first 924nm based laser liposuction and is 3 times as selectively absorbed by fat as the 1064nm lasers and 2 times more than the 1320nm-the other commercially available laser liposuction technology. It is also 5 times as selectively absorbed by blood. This means that the SLIMLIPO™ Aspire™ laser liposuction unit dissolves fat and prevents bleeding much more effectively than any other laser liposuction machine available. See the figure below for comparison of the fat melting selectivity of the various laser liposuction units available today-remember, Palomar’s new SLIMLIPO uses the 924nm laser:



For you the patient this translates into:

Gentler more thorough fat removal
Less bleeding, less bruising
Quicker recovery

We also can blend in a 975nm laser wavelength with the Aspire™ which is highly absorbed by the Dermis-the deep layer of your skin which controls skin tightening. For you this translates into:

Tighter skin after liposuction
Less risk of revisional surgery after liposuction

I am proud to say that we helped Palomar™ develop this revolutionary new laser and are the first to offer SLIMLIPO™ with the Aspire™ laser liposuction unit in Massachusetts and the Boston area and one of the first practices in the world to have this machine.

If you are considering laser liposuction you really need to know the facts and understand the technology. Once you do the advantages of SLIMLIPO with the Aspire™ system are obvious-there is nothing else like it on the market.

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Dr. Seckel

Concord, Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts