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Chapter 10 - Don't Let "Just Anyone" Touch Your Face

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon!

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon!

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon!

If you only read one chapter in this book this chapter is the one to read. If you read all of the chapters in this book this is still the most important for you to read and read again.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery is very lucrative and is one of the last fee for service or "retail areas" in medicine today. The profit potential draws the attention of many unscrupulous, untrained, medical and non-medical professionals who hope to make money by convincing you to trust them to do facial rejuvenation or plastic surgery at "cut rate prices." People have been killed by having plastic surgical operations such as liposuction performed illegally by a non physician.

As distressing is the fact that physicians who have never had one day of training in a surgical residency or training program are openly and legally advertising themselves as plastic or cosmetic surgeons.

What can you do to find a board certified plastic surgeon? What “red flags” should you look for?

In this chapter you will learn:

Read this chapter. If you do you will know how to choose a doctor who can provide you with appropriate, ethical, scientifically based advice on how to rejuvenate your face.

Read Dr Seckel's Save Your Face, this chapter will not only "Save Your Face"; it could save your life!

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