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Chapter 9 - What Can Plastic Surgery Do For You?

A skilled board certified surgeon and a properly selected patient usually means a beautiful result

For many people the wonderful non-surgical facial rejuvenation techniques discussed in the first 8 chapters of this book simply will not produce the dramatic results that they are seeking. For others, the facial aging changes are too far advanced, and non-surgical methods are simply not effective enough to produce the desired result.

No one wants to have plastic surgery unless all other therapies have failed or are not appropriate. The good news is that the plastic surgery procedures used to remove wrinkles and correct facial aging today are more effective, safer, and more advanced than those of just four or five years ago.

Before image of faceAfter image of face

Research and education in plastic surgery have improved the techniques we have to correct facial aging to a point where truly beautiful and lasting results are possible. Laser resurfacing to remove facial wrinkles and tighten skin, face-lift, blepharoplasty or eyelid tuck, brow-lift, and neck- lift can all dramatically freshen a face and take years off of one's facial appearance. Superb results can be expected when the right operation is performed on the right patient for the correct indication.

In this chapter I discuss and show examples of actual results of the following procedures performed by me on my patients who have given me permission to use their photographs:

What are the most effective time proven operations to correct facial aging? What can surgery really achieve? What are the risks? What questions should you ask your plastic surgeon?

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