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Chapter 5 - How to Reverse Facial Aging
Dr. Seckel's 6-Step Program

"Dr. Seckel to the   Rescue!"

As we learned in earlier chapters skin aging, wrinkles, facial sagging, and other facial aging changes occur both in the superficial layer of the skin, the epidermis and in the deeper layers, the dermis. The superficial skin changes are called Type I facial aging changes and are the changes we see on the surface.

Deeper facial aging changes are called Type II facial aging changes and are caused by the destruction of collagen and elastin and by the continuous pull of the muscles of facial expression.

In this chapter you will learn about:

  • Type I Facial Aging Changes
  • Type II Facial Aging Changes
  • How to Remove Wrinkles
  • How to Regenerate Epithelium
  • How to Stimulate New Collagen Production
  • How to Remove Abnormal Pigment
  • How to Remove Abnormal Blood Vessels
  • How to Remove Facial Lines by Relaxing Muscles of Facial Expression
  • How to Tighten Skin
  • How to Soften Deep Facial Lines by Injecting Fillers

What new and effective therapies are available to correct facial aging? How can you diagnose your skin type? What treatment is best for you? Everything you need is found in Chapter 5.

This chapter includes Dr. Seckel's Six Step Facial Rejuvenation Program, the only listing of scientifically proven methods for wrinkle removal and reversal of facial aging.

Take Dr. Seckel's Save Your Face with you when you go to the cosmetic counter, the spa, or the doctor's office and you will avoid being ripped off or misinformed.

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