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I recently had a Radiesse injection under my right eyebrow at a Medical Spa. I didn’t have one under the left one. The RN that injected under the brow said that it would lift the brow and even it out with the other one. Now I have one swollen eyebrow and one naturally flat one. I have been massaging it and considering a correction. However, after reading some of your replies to people who are considering correcting Radiesse, I am hesitant to do so. I don’t know why I allowed her to do this to me, but it seemed logical at the time. I have never gone to a Medical Spa and should have left when I found out a doctor would not be performing the procedure. I am now considering having a small amount of filler added to the other eye, however using something more temporary than Radiesse. Would you recommend a little filler on the other eye in order to even out my appearance if it’s done by a physician? Sincerely, Debra, Eagle Pass, Texas

Dear Debra,

I am sorry to hear of your problem following a filler injection in a Medical Spa. I have received many similar emails from other people with similar problems following soft tissue filler injections in Medical Spa’s by unlicensed or inexperienced licensed people. Check my archives under “unhappy results” to read of some serious complications.

I suggest you not have additional filler placed in the opposite eyebrow. This could compound your problem. I suggest you continue to massage the Radiesse. It will dissolve slowly over 6-9 months.

I have been doing filler injections for 26 years and am up to date on all of the new fillers. I have never heard of attempting a brow lift with a filler. It sounds like an idea thought up by the soft tissue filler salesman. There have been serious complications including blindness reported in England following soft tissue filler around the eyes.

The supraorbital nerve could easily be injured by injecting a filler beneath the eyebrow, I am happy this did not happen to you. The issue of invasive procedures being performed in Medical Spa’s with no physician on site is a controversial one. I assume this controversy will be resolved by legislation and by the liability insurers refusal to write insurance for Medical Spa’s who do not have on site physician supervision.

Why anyone would trust their face to any one other than a board certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist whjo specializes in facial rejuvenation is hard for me to understand.

Be patient, continue your massage, you will be OK. Next time see a board certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist, your chances of having a “happy result” will be better. Read Save Your Face to inform yourself about facial rejuvenation techniques, and sign up for my newsletter to keep current on changing technology.

Dr Seckel

Concord, Massachusetts,

Boston, Massachusetts